Mr. Chandrashekhar L. Bhingare

Mr. Chandrashekhar L. Bhingare is working as a Professor in Quality Assurance Techniques. He has graduated from University of Bombay and has post graduated from Nagpur University in 1978. He has 16 years of experience in academics and 23 plus years of industrial experience. He has worked in manufacturing, R&D and Quality Assurance Departments in Pharmaceutical Industry. He is approved technician by FDA in manufacturing tablets, instrumental and chemical analysis as well as microbiological testing. He has worked as domain expert in KPO for pharmaceutical field related processes and medical records. He has worked as research guide for post graduate students in pharmaceutics and has 06 research publications to his credit. He is a Six Sigma Green Belt holder. He has visited Dhaka (Bangladesh) for guidance in GMP to pharmaceutical manufacturing unit and visited Boca Raton, FL, USA for transitioning of project related to medical records. He has two books to his credit “Community Pharmacists A New Outlook” and “Validation Protocols and SOPs for Water System for Pharmaceutical Use”. His area of research is related to product development. He is the life member of APTI and IPA.

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