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MMCOP is one of the best institutes created to be Centers of Excellence for training, research and development in Pharmaceutical science In India.Established as College of Pharmacy In 2006, Since its inception, over 400 have graduated from MMCOP, Pune. Of these, nearly 300 received B. Pharm. Degree. The rest obtained Master’s Degree in Pharmacy. These alumni today work as scientists, technologists, business anagers and entrepreneurs. In doing so, they have contributed significantly to building of this nation, and to industrialization around the world.

Savitribai Phule Pune University has issued Rules and Regulations for the credit and Semester System in Post Graduate Centres of the affiliated colleges of the Savitribai Phule Pune University. In pursuance of the above decision to implement Credit System at the Post Graduate level and ensure continuous assessment, the UoP has decided to implement the Credit and Semester System (CSS) in all its affiliated colleges and recognized institutions where post graduate courses are conducted.

Credit completion and Credit accumulation:

Each program is assigned a credit number which is maximum for example

As per Pune University, M Pharm program which is partly by paper partly by research, the learner has to earn 100 credits with average credit of 25 to be earned in each of thesemester. The proportion of laboratory work shall be around 40% of total credits. The first twosemesters are by paper and two semesters are by research.


Semester wise credits distribution

Semester Credit Points Semester Credit Points
I 27/29$/30#
II 29
III 26
IV 28
V 26
VI 26
VII 24
Extracurricular/ Co-curricular activities 01*
Total credit points for the program 209/211$/212#
  • The credit points assigned for extracurricular and or co-curricular activities shall be given by the Principals of the colleges and the same shall be submitted to the University. The criteria to acquire this credit point shall be defined by the colleges from time to time.
  • Applicable ONLY for the students studied Physics / Chemistry / Botany / Zoology at HSC and appearing for Remedial Mathematics course.
  • Applicable ONLY for the students studied Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry at HSC and appearing for Remedial Biology course.


Course of Study for M. Pharm Pharmaceutics


Course of Study for M. Pharm Pharmacognosy


Course of Study for M. Pharm Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance


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